Your introduction to EFTs

We all hate NFTs. They hurt artists, hurt the environment, and are overall just a bad idea. That's why a bunch of artists have come together to create some NFT style profile pictures for you! But here's the thing: they are 100% free! That's right, you are encouraged to save, screenshot, and use these photos for all your profile picture needs! On the page of each EFT series is a donation link to the respective artist. If you enjoy their work, please consider supporting these artists. So many artists have been hurt by people stealing their art to sell for NFTs, so it's only fair they get their proper recognition!

The Otama Collection

Lil Sweater Lads

Nybbles & Bytes

Elven Girls


Pixel Slimes

Toxic Shrooms

Dapper Penguins


Gneat Gnomes

Robot Buddies

Pocket Planets

VR Kats

Hype Lizards

Lil Megutes

Girl's Photobooth

Dafuk Barosh

Pixel Peeps

Vivi Heads

Koala Crew

Round Piggies

Slime Girls


EFT Kibbies


TV Fools

Default Cubes

Toaster Girls

Trash Foodies

Monitor Mates




Pixels and Kobolds


Virtual Fire Bread

Fungible Fungus

Prideful Origamoo